Tornado Safety

Storm safety, even in this literally rapidly-changing climate, doesn’t seem to be the first place you would look for artisanal craftsmanship, but on the other hand, what better time to rely on the personal touch, the tradition of excellence, the dedication to an ideal? What better to feel safe about than your safe room? If you’re thinking about relying on a community shelter in your hour of need, think again. Most municipalities, even in a state as prone to tornadoes as Oklahoma, don’t have any such emergency structures. And when a tornado hits, you’re already running out of time: the average person only has 10 or 15 minutes to take cover. You need a sage place you can rely on, and you need it on your property.

That’s where Storm Shelters OKC comes in. Despite the name, these aren’t just storm shelters, make no mistake. Each of their structures are tested under tornado conditions by the Texas Tech University Wind Science and Engineering Research Center, which means they also meet the rigorous standards set by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). In fact, their shelters already stood up to the ultimate test, surviving with flying covers the devastating EF5 tornadoes that ripped through Moore, OK in 2013.

Above ground or under ground, in the state of Oklahoma or out, they’ll work with you on a shelter custom-built to your specs and delivered right to your home. In fact, the guys at SSOKC will visit you personally and help you determine the best location for your new structure. All their products are manufactured in-house — no subcontracting out pieces and parts to other, inferior designers and manufacturers. And there’s no need to let the cost send you into your panic room; the Oklahoma Central Credit Union will actually work with you to help finance your shelter.

Food Safety

Food borne illnesses are among the number one causes for human sickness. Bacteria, mold, fungus and even viruses can travel from food into the human host causing all manner of diseases. Surely you’ve heard of E.Coli? Once ingested, it can disrupt the function of the human body, causing vomiting, fever, dehydration and organ failure.

A surprising amount of people have been affected by food born illnesses. In fact, it is estimated that every single human being will, at some point, come in contact with contaminated food! Add that to the likelyhood of food allergies and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Food borne illnesses are most likely to contaminate edibles in restaurants and grocery stores. The amount of food sent through processing here is so large that it’s easy to contaminate and cross contaminate food accidentally. Carefully cleaning and sanitizing your workspace will help reduce the possibility of contamination.