Food Safety

Food borne illnesses are among the number one causes for human sickness. Bacteria, mold, fungus and even viruses can travel from food into the human host causing all manner of diseases. Surely you’ve heard of E.Coli? Once ingested, it can disrupt the function of the human body, causing vomiting, fever, dehydration and organ failure.

A surprising amount of people have been affected by food born illnesses. In fact, it is estimated that every single human being will, at some point, come in contact with contaminated food! Add that to the likelyhood of food allergies and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Food borne illnesses are most likely to contaminate edibles in restaurants and grocery stores. The amount of food sent through processing here is so large that it’s easy to contaminate and cross contaminate food accidentally. Carefully cleaning and sanitizing your workspace will help reduce the possibility of contamination.